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Traveling to Australia or the South Pacific

Imagine holding a lavish vineyard affair, drinking in the wonders of nature as you laugh and dance into the cool of the evening. Or gathering at a posh resort on the Great Barrier Reef and slipping away for a diving adventure the very next day.Australia is the world’s largest island, with a range of cultural influences from Aboriginal Australian to English, European, Asian, and North American. Throughout the country you can find wonderful Aboriginal music and art, from fashion items with indigenous designs to the didgeridoo players along the Sydney waterfront. Australian wines are world-renowned and local culinary indulgences offer a world of flavors.
Cosmopolitan Sydney boasts chic waterfront dining and easy access to exclusive resorts on the Great Barrier Reef. Melbourne is well known for its diverse arts and cultural scene. And Australia’s wine regions are perfect for fun-loving, adventurous couples. No matter where you go, you’ll see amazing wildlife from brilliant undersea creatures to the famed koalas, kangaroos, and kookaburras.

Swimming, diving & overwater bungalows
French Polynesia is island bliss with a French twist. Here, you’ll find lush, mountainous islands surrounded with wide palm-lined beaches and teeming coral reefs. Tahiti & The Society Islands (Bora Bora, Moorea, Rangiroa, Huahine, Raiatea, and Marquesas) are the cultural center of the region. French is the official language, however Tahitian is often spoken as well.
The perfect place to celebrate your love, French Polynesia has warm, inviting locals, overwater bungalows, thatched-roof villas, sparkling days, and star-filled nights. Simple yet elegant weddings can be held on a private islet, in a chapel overlooking a lagoon, or in one of the many idyllic resort venues. Afterward, you and your guests can keep the party going with a night of Polynesian dancing.
Snorkelers and divers will find a spectacular array of marine life to enjoy – including brilliant tropical fish, dolphins, moray eels, sea turtles, and sharks. If you like to keep moving, consider outrigger canoes, helicopter rides, jungle jeep tours, and island golf.
Frangipani body wraps & powder-soft beaches
Dreaming of a tropical paradise with sparkling sun-filled days and soft, alabaster beaches? Head for the Fiji Islands where private 5-star resorts boast world-renowned chefs, exotic spa services, romantic seaside dinners, swimming, scuba diving, and unique kava ceremonies.
The Republic of Fiji is a chain of volcanic islands, the two largest being Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Fiji’s culture is a blend of indigenous, Indian, Chinese, Dutch, and British influences. This makes for a wonderful selection of exotic cuisines. Imagine sitting down with your guests to an authentic Fijian feast of fresh seafood, Japanese fusion, Italian dishes, and locally grown fruits and vegetables. Or just the two of you by the sea sharing tantalizing island delicacies, exotic fruit cocktails, and handmade pastries.
While diving and snorkeling opportunities abound, indulging in world-class spa services should be on your list as well. Most luxury Fijian spa resorts offer rejuvenating massages, body wraps, and other treatments featuring nourishing frangipani oil, purifying papaya scrubs, and soothing coconut creams.

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