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Let Voyages La Para book your dream [tooltip title=”The most romantic type of vacation!”]Honeymoon[/tooltip]

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Honeymoons are amongst the most memorable voyages you will take in your life. As unique as every couple is, there is a honeymoon voyage right for them, in a destination handpicked to fit those needs. Allow us to introduce to you different honeymoon ideas, as leading specialist in honeymoon and romance travel, backed by over 20 years of memory-making experience.

[checklist icon=”fa-chevron-right” iconcolor=”” circle=”” circlecolor=”” size=”small” class=”” id=””] [li_item icon=””]Adventure Trips
For their once-in-a-lifetime getaway, more couples are choosing a once-in-a lifetime adventure. If reaching for the suntan lotion while sunbathing on the beach is your idea of exertion, this honeymoon trend isn’t for you. But if you’re a more active twosome, afternoons spent learning to surf, checking out the Big Five on safari, hiking to the top of the tallest nearby peak for can’t-miss photo ops, or four-wheeling or zip-lining over rugged jungle terrain are foolproof ways to get your pulse fluttering.
[/li_item] [li_item icon=””]Country-Hopping
Couples who want to make the most of their 10 days away from the office and who can’t decide between several destinations are splitting their honeymoon among a few different spots. Honeymoon hopping is a chance to take advantage of far-flung places you may never travel to again (and to squeeze the most out of a lengthy plane ride), or compromise on the honeymoon itinerary by spending time in different settings—a week in the city, then a week on the beach, for example.[/li_item] [li_item icon=””]Green Honeymoons
If minimizing your carbon footprint is important to you, a new crop of eco-resorts prove that going green can still be posh. There’s no real definition of what qualifies a hotel as eco-friendly, but minimal impact on the surroundings, the use of solar power and “farm-to-fork” menus are some cues.[/li_item] [li_item icon=””]Intimate Cruises
Smaller cruise ships and yachts that can fit 60 guests or fewer can whisk you away to hidden ports not easily reached by many of the larger ships for a unique and stress-free way (no need to pack your bags at every port) to visit multiple destinations.
[/li_item] [li_item icon=””]Foodie Trips
A growing appreciation for gourmet cuisine has put couples on the hunt for once-in-a-lifetime culinary experiences. Many resorts are putting the focus back on food, with tasting menus, wine bars with well-versed sommeliers and notable chefs.
[/li_item] [li_item icon=””]Private Villas
Whether it’s a cute house in the countryside or a collection of bungalows along a secluded stretch of beach, private villa rentals afford a lot of privacy and give guests the sense of having a home away from home. Bonus: Many villas offer a private chef and other exclusive extras.
[/li_item] [li_item icon=””]Boutique Hotels
Personalized service. Fewer than 100 rooms. Innovative décor. For all these reasons and more, smaller hotels are setting themselves apart for honeymooners.
[/li_item] [li_item icon=””]Mega – Moons
Sri Lanka? Check. Patagonia? Check. All in one trip? Check. That’s right, for 2015, brides won’t be settling on just one dream destination. Instead, they’ll be opting for a round-the-world getaway to several far-flung locales.
[/li_item] [/checklist]

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